Learning & Development Policy

Precision Construction Limited are aware that, in order for our staff to achieve both our goals and their own, professional development training, mentoring and coaching programmes must be implemented for all disciplines. By implementing these programmes our staff will be better equipped with the necessary training and support both on and off site to meet their end goals in a competent and confident way. Training programmes are provided at different levels for the relevant people and reviewed on a regular basis. In addition we have provided sponsorship in the past for Accountant Technicians (IATI), Accountants (ACCA, CIMA), Masters Degree in Construction Project Management, Higher Diploma in Construction Technology, BSc in Surveying, BSc in Construction Management.

When our people have participated and completed one of our development programmes we thoroughly review these programmes through our Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) and provide all necessary support to our staff during their development programme.


Precision Construction Limited believe that coaching is the art of facilitating staff development through learning and ultimately leads to enhanced performance. Coaching is provided in three areas:

Traditional: Tasks and processes are clearly defined and set out;
Transitional: Implementation of large scale change where necessary; &
Transformational: Implementation of new order systems for carrying out the changed tasks.


Through our employee’s development programme we provide a skilled mentor who draws from their past experience to assist our staff in their induction and participation in their new role. Regular review meetings are held to navigate the trainee through their development programme.