Welcome to the Careers Section of Precision Construction Limited.

Precision Construction Limited have long recognised that, in the construction industry as a service industry provider, our greatest asset and strength is our people.

In order to maintain quality, growth, development and commitment from our people we provide structured training, career development opportunities, competitive salary and fringe benefits. Our Company’s Human Resources Management Structure has received independent endorsement and accreditation in the form of Ireland’s National Standard for Human Resources Development by receiving:

The Excellence Through People Award The Excellence Through People Award

Business Planning and Quality Improvement:

  1. Our Company’s planned improvement towards quality is continuously monitored through our S.W.O.T. analysis.
  2. Effective Communication and Staff Involvement:
    Our Company communicates with and encourages our staff in an effective manner through our 360° communication process.
  3. Leadership and People Management:
    Our Company strives to lead and manage our staff and their performance to a pre-determined objective in a competent and effective manner.
  4. Training and Lifelong Learning:
    Our Company maintains and continuously improves a culture of learning and development throughout our business.
  5. Review of Learning:
    Our Company reviews the impact or our Staff's learning and development, its effect on performance and identifies all improvements in staff development.
  6. Recruitment and Selection:
    The Company recruits and selects its staff in a professional, fair and competent manner to support our business objectives

Performance Management Mentoring Programmes:

To enable our people to progress and develop within the Company, and for them to become better equipped to carry out their activities in a more confident and competent way, our Company provides extensive Performance Management Development Programmes. These programmes and development courses are varied to suit all levels and aspects of our Business and have included the following areas in the past:
  • Time Management
  • Communication and Assertiveness Skills Training
  • Performance Improvement Planning (PIP)
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Skillful Appraisals
  • Writing Business Plans
  • Training and Life-Long Learning
  • Employee Wellbeing
  • Health & Safety
  • Environmental Management Systems

These programmes are provided to our staff on an equal and equitable basis in a fair and constructive way – as has been the case with all our staff and management – in order that we may achieve our end goals together as a team.

External Recognition of Excellent Procedure and Practice Throughout Precision Construction Limited is achieved by our commitment and implementation of our Human Resources Management System (H.R.M.) in accordance with the Excellence Through People Standards.