Consultants/Design Team

The following is a Schedule of Architects/Designers, Consulting Engineers and Quantity Surveyors/Project Managers that we have worked with over the past number of years.


Atlantic Architects
Burke-Kennedy Doyle Architects
Byrne WH
Cantrell & Crowley Architects
Cassidy Patrick & Associates
Cassidy Peter Architect
Dalziel & Pow
Douglas Wallace Architects
Doyle Joseph Architects
Ferguson Wheeler Designers
Fitzgerald Kavanagh & Partners
Gibney Arthur & Partners
Hogan EM & Associates
Keenan Lynch Architecture Ltd
Keane Murphy Duff Architecture
Lafferty Design
Leyden Brian Architects
Mohan Michael Architect
Newenham Mulligan & Associates
Nolan & Quinlan
Octagon Design Limited
O’Dea O’Moore Architects
O’Dwyer & Associates
O’Neill Diarmuid Architect
Scott Tallon Walker
Smith Smalley Architecs
Toomey James Architects
VDR & RT Taggart
Wejchert A & D & Partners Ltd
Wheeler Alan Designers

Consulting Engineers:

Ahearne Fire Engineering Limited
Arup Consulting Engineers
Barry JB & Partners Ltd
Boreham Consulting Engineers
Burke Ulick Associates
Burke Jenkins Consulting Engineers
Barry JB & Associates
Carew Associates
Delap & Waller
Donnelly Troy & Associates
Doyle Eamon & Associates
Fitzsimons Niall & Company
Gallagher Brendan
Hanley Pepper
Hendrick Brian Associates
Hendrick Ryan Associates
HOH Partnership
Homan O’Brien & Associates
Integrated Risk Associates
Kyne & Clyne
Jacobs Engineering Inc.
Kavanagh Mansfield & Partners
Moloney & Miller
Muir Associates
O’Connor TJ & Associates
O’Connor Sutton Cronin
O’Dwyer Nicholas
Pinnacle Consulting Engineers Ltd
Punch Michael & Partners
Roughan & O’Donovan
Simpson & Partners
Tierney JV & Company
Varming VMRA Consulting Engineers
Warnock JC
White Young Green

Quantity Surveyors/Project Managers:

Beglan Eugene & Associates
Boyd Creed Sweett
Bruce Shaw Partnership
Casey John & Company
CBX Limited
Cooney AV & Company
Curtin Peter A & Company
Davis Langdon PKS
Gleave Partnership
Gould David Associates
Healy Kelly Turner Townsend
Hogan Jos C & Sons
Jeffs James
Kerrigan Sheanon Newman
Leonard & Williams
Merry Brendan & Partners
Monahan Seamus & Partners
Nolan Ryan Partnership
O’Neill Diarmuid & Associates
Rooney Denis Associates /WYG
Sammon James & Co Ireland Ltd