Site Operatives Sign In

DONSEED Overview
DONSEED is a provider of workplace management solutions to the Construction industry. Donseed’s solution allows Precision Construction Limited to manage the following key areas:

Wireless & Remote Time & Attendance – Ensure the safety of all people on site by logging their entry and exit. The system is user friendly and easy to deploy, Donseed’s solutions are flexible, versatile and scalable.  Precision Construction Limited has chosen the biometric finger scanner option for sign in. Data is captured, recorded and accessed using the latest secure web browser technology which is integrated with the HR system and can be transferred through to our payroll for accuracy.

Health & Safety – Monitoring health and safety in various locations for our contract/ management team. Donseed’s solutions allow Precision Construction Limited to record risk assessments on projects and to check that specialist contractors and sub contractors are compliant with all the relevant Health & Safety (and EU) regulations. Employee profiles are tracked and benchmarked against each location’s Health & Safety requirements. For example, if construction site attendees are without an up-to-date Safe Pass or CSCS, their site cards are immediately highlighted and they are refused entry.

Contract Management – Donseed’s site management services enables PCL to stay in control of projects from start to finish. All parties working on a project collaborate online and share documents reducing the need for ‘hard copy’ documentation.
The data captured helps manage contracts and project costs between parties and provides information that can be reused for budgeting and costing future projects.

Operational & Maintenance Manuals –Are maintained and updated on an ongoing basis, and a collection of as-built files and associated documents are available on line.

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