Precision Construction Limited Chose Donseed for the Following Reasons:

Donseed is a Workplace Management Services (WMS) system which monitors the signing in and out of all people entering and leaving Precision Construction Limited sites in various locations – including direct employees, subcontractors, project managers, miscellaneous personnel and visitors.

  • Donseed records all people entering and leaving our construction sites;
  • Data is captured using biometric devices (e.g. finger recognition);
  • All members of the project team are required to input their information and documentation which can be loaded on to the system from anywhere they have internet access;
  • The information is transmitted securely, in real time, over the internet or over mobile or fixed line network connections;
  • Employee attendance is tracked ensuring the safety of all people on site;
  • The data is integrated with our HR and other operational systems;
  • Our Quantity Surveyors and Project Managers can run extensive, in-depth, real time reports across multiple sites.


  • Donseed manages the infrastructure and technology through a secure, hosted service;
  • Because the system is web based, access to new features,
    functionality and upgrades is automatic;
  • Real time reporting is available immediately on line
  • Substantial savings on Site Management administrative time;
  • Accuracy achieved in recording attendance, eliminating leakage;
  • Budget benefits due to accurate tracking;
  • Reduction in insurance premiums;
  • Any number of new sites and users may be easily added;
  • Connection to our existing computer systems is straight forward;
  • Military grade security is provided with built-in monitoring and audit trails;
  • This System has access to a 24-hour support service.