Our Policies

Environmental Policy

Precision Construction Limited have established an environmentally-friendly and responsible company which strives to ensure that all aspects of our business will have the least harmful affect on the environment where possible. Our aim is to ensure that when our building process is complete, the project will contribute to becoming part of the community and will lead to major community gain in the future.

The implementation of our Environment Policy requires the company to:

Review building methodology and process to prevent pollution and minimise its effects on the environment.

Introduce new objectives on an ongoing basis and ensure their upkeep, (e.g. recycling building materials on site).

Review types of materials and waste being generated to ensure efficient use of materials and energy, (e.g. possibly ground stabilisation versus conventional excavation methodology).

Ensure that the relevant legislative environmental requirements and emissions standards are met as a minimum with constant review to exceed these standards.

Challenge the designers on behalf of our client to ensure more efficient design specification such as: Photovoltaic roof panels which convert sunlight into electricity; Rain harvesting of rainwater; Eco-friendly plant and equipment to negate CO² emissions where possible.

Ensure the Implementation of our objectives, benchmarked against progress and indication of clear results, leads to pro-active acceptance by all operatives and sub-contractors.

Be Pro-active regarding signage and policies to provide awareness amongst all staff and to introduce all necessary training and induction to enable staff to implement these policies efficiently and effectively.

Continuously review and audit our environmental management system to ensure that our policies are maintained and are kept up to date with current regulations and the ever changing environment.

The Quality Management structure of Precision Construction policies are pro-actively implemented through 360º communication, induction, training and regular feedback in the form of our fortnightly, monthly and quarterly meetings. These policies generally are activated by our operatives and sub-contractors as part of their working procedures – which ultimately result in a better working and living environment.