Honesty Policy

Taking account of the fact that the vast majority of people desire to work in an environment in which honesty is encouraged and respected and in which they and their employer are protected from any dishonest acts by fellow employees, customers, suppliers or the general public, the Company sets out here in its general policy on honesty.

The Company believes that the overwhelming majority of staff are both loyal and honest and it undertakes to strive to take into employment only persons who believe in and practice honesty in their dealings with their employers, fellow workers, customers and suppliers.

Any dishonest act by a staff member while at work or otherwise representing the Company will be considered an infringement of the reputation for honesty of other staff and of the Company.

Therefore any member of staff found:

  1. Converting or attempting to convert to his/her own use or to the use of another, any cash goods or valuable thing, the property of another staff member without the permission of that staff member will be subject to dismissal and/or prosecution.
  2. Converting or attempting to convert to his/her own use or the use of another any cash goods, supplies or equipment regardless of monetary value, the property of the Company (or in the Company care) without authority, such authority to be granted only by the Site Manager or a Company Director, will be subject to dismissal and /or prosecution.
  3. Assisting or attempting to assist others in the theft of staff property or of Company assets of any type (or property in the Company's care), will be subject to dismissal and /or prosecution.
  4. In his/her capacity, as a Company employee directly or indirectly soliciting from any person, Company supplier or group, anything of economic value as a gift, gratuity or favour will be subject to disciplinary action, which may include dismissal.

No staff member while employed by this Company or thereafter will disclose Company information or business plans obtained in the course of employment except in such circumstances as may be approved by the Directors.