Health & Safety

Health & Safety Policy January 2012

Precision Construction Limited, under our 'take ownership policy', takes complete responsibility for the role of Project Supervisor Construction Stage (PSCS) for the management of safety on site. Precision Construction Limited, over its working years, has endeavoured to establish a clean and accident-free working environment, and has introduced best work practices to minimise the possibility of accidents and ill-affects on our workforce and the environment. Precision Construction Limited is aware that accidents and work-related health problems cause suffering to persons and their families with possible losses to them and also to our company. It is with this in mind that our Health and Safety audit system is constantly under review to endeavour to achieve an accident free working environment.

A considerable proportion of Precision Construction contracts are 'design and build'; therefore we have additional responsibilities for the management of safety during the design stage of the project which is Project Supervisor Design Stage (PSDS). Precision Construction Limited recognises the importance of professional management of Health and Safety and environmental issues. In practice, our company have adopted the regulatory conditions as a minimum standard and we have introduced management and audit systems capable of achieving the highest standards by introducing a pro-active approach, from management to all operatives, right across the spectrum of our contracts.

Precision Construction Limited achieve this by the implementation of the following:

  • Introduction of our Think Safety policy.
  • By constantly reviewing the legislative requirements and ensuring that these are met as a minimum standard with onuses on our audit system which yields an enhanced standard.
  • Introduction of Safety and Health audits and systematic periodic reviews which benchmark the system to evaluate the performance against actual.
  • Clear transparent job descriptions for Health and Safety managers, with a Key Performance Indicators (K.P.I.) system to ensure traceability.
  • Training – ensuring all levels of training, induction and information is provided to our employees at the correct level.
  • Communication – encouraging 360ΒΊ communication and feedback from all employees, safety managers, safety representatives and consultants. Identifying risks and concerns which in turn leads to their commitment and acceptance of our Health and Safety policy.
  • Risks – Identification of risks through our audit system, preparation of plans, safe working and monitoring of the operations to ensure safe completion.
  • Implementation of adequate resources to ensure that the safety, management and audit system is enforced.

Precision Construction Limited ensures that the safety policy is implemented on an ongoing basis by weekly site inspections, monthly management reviews, quarterly capability reports and annual reviews. Where a shortfall is identified, or upgrading of our policy procedures or further training is required, this item is addressed and remedied. Our employees also recognise that they are responsible for there own safety and health and that their actions can impact on the safety and health of others. Accordingly we require our employees to comply with the company safety policy and procedure to provide a safe working environment. In addition, it becomes part of their employment contract which they have signed prior to their appointment.