Training Policy

1. Our Business

Precision Construction Limited was set up in July 1995, in direct response to an increase in the level of demand for Specialist Shop Fitting/Fitting-Out Contractors serving the Retail, Commercial, Manufacturing and Financial Sectors.

To this end, our commitment is to ensure that any skills, behavioural or competency gaps are met through ongoing quality training, delivered both internally and externally, to a high standard.

We are committed to allocating resources in the region of 5% of current salaries to provide this training for our staff and management.

The Management of Precision Construction Limited are committed to monitoring and being involved in training and development on an ongoing basis.

This will further ensure that appropriate, quality training is provided by accredited companies at all times.

We are also committed to ensuring that the individual training and development needs of all employees are being met by the training chosen.

Furthermore, access to training is available equally and equitably to all staff and management in a fair and constructive way. With regard to this point, management will continue to assess – objectively and comprehensively – any requests for training made by staff, bearing in mind the need for all training to be evaluated in terms of its contribution to the overall strategic growth of the business.

We meet with our ‘Training Co-Ordinator' weekly to discuss progress with regard to all training plans. This is working well and ensures that the Training and Development function of our business remains a high priority.

All training will be reviewed in terms of how, initially individual and subsequently department/company, performance improves as a result. Management will at all times evaluate training from the Qualitative and Quantitative perspective and will continue to involve the appropriate staff member in this evaluation process.


2. Health and Safety Requirements

All management and staff of Precision Construction Limited are aware of the importance of adherence to all aspects of Health and Safety Legislation.

To this end, we have prepared a Health and Safety Statement and Health and Safety Handbook, which have been circulated to all employees.

In this regard we have encouraged feedback, both verbally and in writing, from all our staff and will continue to address Health and Safety as a priority during our team meetings.

Together with this internal initiative, all relevant staff have completed Safe Pass Training and have been accredited accordingly.

Our office manager and all site managers are certified First Aiders and on an on-going basis they will initiate relevant internal training with all relevant staff.


3. Projection – Training Implications of Any Forthcoming Changes in Technology, Markets or Work Organisation.

The environment in which we operate is forever changing. We are therefore cognisant of the need to stay on top of any changes in procedures, enhanced machinery, changing legislation, competition, etc.

We encourage all employees to keep management advised of any changes and developments which might apply to us.

This area of our business development is of primary importance to the continuing growth of the business and we therefore see it as the duty and responsibility of senior management to keep themselves informed and up to date at all times.

When considered appropriate, we have, and will continue to engage external consultants to advise us accordingly.

We use our monthly team meetings to discuss any forthcoming changes accordingly and to evaluate the implications of any developments in our business.